La Piel: the ultimate wellness motto


Being a woman in our contemporary world can be very challenging. We expect a lot from ourselves but, where should we begin?


 Meaning The Skin in Spanish, La Piel is a brand made for the active modern women. We think of wellness as a lifestyle, and our mission is to empower the women of our time to feel whole, accomplished and beautiful. What we are building is a new motto for women who want to feel comfortable in their own skin.


We believe looking good and being comfortable are the starting points for an incredible and successful daily routine, no matter what your schedule looks like.  And this is why we put our best efforts into designing pieces that fit the contemporary active women’s day. However, we offer you so much more support than that.


We offer a community built for a woman like you: capable of having the life that she wants while looking and feeling her best. A community to support you on your day to day, giving you ideas for tasty and healthy dishes, workouts, new trends and everything you need to fulfill your goals. With us, you’ll be part of a community that knows success comes from dreaming big, making plans and walking the steps that you need to achieve what you desire.


We know life can feel more complicated some days, but what we aim to do is provide you with a team to guide you and motivate you to beat your challenges, no matter the difficulty. We want to educate you into a mindset that you can use to pursue the life that you wish for yourself because we strongly believe that, if we stick together, we can have it all!


If you want a healthier and more rewarding lifestyle that will help you be more comfortable, make smarter choices when it comes to your body and just feel AMAZING in your own skin -every single day-, La Piel is your ultimate mantra.


Welcome to a new life. Welcome to La Piel.






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